Fix Search results not clickable in Windows 10

Fix Search results not clickable in Windows 10: Recently, users are facing a problem where some programs are not clickable in search results of Windows 10, so when a user search for something, for example, cmd in the Start Menu search, the result would be displayed but it wouldn’t be clickable, all you would see is the option of pin to start if you right-click on it and that’s a very annoying issue. Now if you select the option, pin to start it would just put a blank tile to the start menu and this tile will also be not clickable similar to the search result.

Some programs will be clickable in the search result while others won’t respond to the click. In some cases, this problem seems to be only with Windows Settings, which means if you search for a particular Settings in Start Menu search, for example, let’s say you search for WiFi then you wouldn’t be able to click on Change Wi-Fi settings search result from the Taskbar. Even using arrow keys and pressing Enter on the search result won’t open the particular program or settings.

There is no particular cause to the problem but things like indexing option, region & language settings, Cortana & Search settings seems to be altogether causing the problem. Few users were also facing this issue because of corrupted Windows files or corrupted local account, so as you see there is no single cause of this problem so we have to try all possible solutions in order to fix this issue. So without wasting any time let’s see how to actually Fix Search results not clickable in Windows 10 with the below-listed troubleshooting steps.

Fix Search results not clickable in Windows 10

create a restore point  just in case something goes wrong.

Method 1: Restart Windows Search service

1.Press Windows Key + R then type services.msc and hit Enter.

2.Find Windows Search service then right-click on it and select Properties.

3.Make sure to set the Startup type to Automatic and click Run if the service is not running.

4.Click Apply followed by OK.

5.Reboot your PC to save changes.

Method 2: Run Search and Indexing Troubleshooter

1.Press Windows Key + X and click on Control Panel.

2.Search Troubleshoot and click on Troubleshooting.

3.Next, click on View all in the left pane.

4.Click and run the Troubleshooter for Search and Indexng.

5.The Troubleshooter may be able to Fix Search results not clickable in Windows 10.

Method 3: Run Windows 10 Start Menu Troubleshooter

Microsoft has released official Windows 10 Start Menu Troubleshooter which promises to fix various issues related to it including searching or indexing.

Start Menu Troubleshooter.

2.Double click on the downloaded file and then click Next.

3.Let it find and automatically Fix Search results not clickable issue in Windows 10.

Method 4: Rebuild Windows Search Index

1.Press Windows Key + X then select Control Panel.

2.Type index in the Control Panel search and click Indexing Options.

3.If you can’t search for it then open control panel then select Small icons from the View by drop-down.

4.Now you will Indexing Option, just click on it to open settings.

5.Click the Advanced button in the bottom in the Indexing Options window.

6.Switch to File Types tab and check mark “Index Properties and File Contents” under How should this file be indexed.

7.Then click OK and again open the Advanced Options window.

8.Then in Index Settings tab and click Rebuild under Troubleshooting.

9.Indexing will take some time, but once it’s complete you shouldn’t have any further problems with Search results in Windows 10.

Method 5: Increase Paging File Size

1.Press Windows Key + R then type sysdm.cpl and hit Enter.

2.Switch to Advanced Tab in System Properties and then click Settings under Performance.

3.Now again navigate to the Advanced tab in the Performance Options window and click Change under Virtual memory.

4.Make sure to uncheck  “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.

5.Then select the radio button which says Custom size and set the initial size to 1500 to 3000 and maximum to at least 5000 (Both of these depends on the size of your hard disk).

6.Click Set Button and then click OK.

7.Click Apply followed by OK.

8.Reboot your PC to save changes and see if you’re able to Fix Search results not clickable in Windows 10.

Method 6: Re-register Cortana

1.Search Powershell and then right-click on it and select Run as Administrator.

2.If the search is not working then press Windows Key + R then type the following and hit Enter:


3.Right-click on powershell.exe and select Run as Administrator.

4.Type the following command in powershell and hit Enter:

5.Wait for the above command to finish and reboot your PC to save changes.

6.See if re-registering Cortana will Fix Search results not clickable in Windows 10 issue.

Method 7: Registry Fix

1.Press Ctrl + Shift + Right-click on an empty part of Taskbar and select Exit Explorer.

2.Press Windows Key + R then type regedit and hit Enter to Registry Editor.

3.Navigate to the following Registry Key:


4.Now right-click on {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} and select Delete.

5.Start the explorer.exe from Task Manager.

6.Reboot your PC to save changes.

Method 8: Set Correct Language Settings

1.Press Windows Key + I to open Settings then click on Time & Language.

2.Now from the left-hand menu click on Region & Language.

3.Under Languages set your desired language as default, if your language is not available then click Add Language.

4.Search for your desired language in the list and click on it in order to add it to the list.

5.Click on the newly selected locale and select Options.

6.Under Download language pack, Handwriting, and Speech click Download one by one.

7.Once the above downloads are complete, go back and click on this language then select the option Set as Default.

8.Reboot your PC to save changes.

9.Now again go back to Region & Language settings and make sure under Country or region the country selected corresponds with the Windows display language set in the Language settings.

10.Now again go back to Time & Language settings then click Speech from the left-hand menu.

11.Check the Speech-language settings, and make sure it corresponds with the language you select under Region & Language.

12.Also tick mark “Recognize non-native accents for this language.

13.Reboot your PC to save changes.

Most of the type configuring the above settings seems to Fix Search results not clickable in Windows 10 issue but if you are still stuck on the same problem then continue with the next method.

Method 9: Run DISM to fix corrupt Windows files

1.Open Command Prompt using the above method.

2.Enter the following command in cmd and hit enter:

2.Press enter to run the above command and wait for the process to complete, usually, it takes 15-20 minutes.

Note: Replace the C:\RepairSource\Windows with the location of your repair source (Windows Installation or Recovery Disc).

3.After the DISM process if complete, type the following in the cmd and hit Enter: sfc /scannow

4.Let System File Checker run and once it’s complete, restart your PC.

Method 10: Create a New Administrator User Account

1.Press Windows Key + I to open Settings and then click Accounts.

2.Click on Family & other people tab in the left-hand menu and click Add someone else to this PC under Other people.

3.Click I don’t have this person’s sign-in information in the bottom.

4.Select Add a user without a Microsoft account in the bottom.

5.Now type the username and password for the new account and click Next.

6.Once the account is created you will be taken back to Accounts screen, from there click on Change account type.

7.When the pop-up window appears, change the Account type to Administrator and click OK.

8.Now sign in to the above-created administrator account and navigate to the following path:


Note: Make sure show hidden file and folder’s is enabled before you can navigate to the above folder.

9.Delete or rename the folder Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy.

10.Reboot your PC and sign-in to the old user account which was facing the problem.

11.Open PowerShell and type the following command and hit Enter:

12.Now restart your PC and this will definitely fix the search results issue, once and for all.

Method 11: Repair Install Windows 10

How to Repair Install Windows 10 Easily.

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That’s it you have successfully Fix Search results not clickable in Windows 10 but if you still have any questions regarding this guide then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.